A place for citizens to meet, share, learn and co-create.



Thank you for your interest in organising an event or an activity at the Citizen Corner.

The Citizen Corner is a common that we manage together to enable citizens to meet, share, learn and co-create.

While we are not for profit, there are costs such as insurances, heating, utilities, Internet, etc that need to be covered. We also need to pay a bit of rent to the owner. Why we'd love to keep money matters out activities, we need to make the Citizen Corner financially sustainable. In the interest to keep everything transparent, we have opened an open collective where everyone can transparently see the money streams and can contribute to our transparent budget or ask for funds: https://opencollective.com/citizencorner

Organizing an activity for the community

Thank you for considering creating an activity for the community in the Citizen Corner. We all have a vested interest in you being successful and financially sustainable. This is why we propose various models :

  • Are you getting an income from your activity? We ask you to help us cover costs and donate 25% of your income from this activity.
  • You are organising an event without looking to get paid? You can either rent the space or ask each participant to donate €2 to €5 Depending on type of activity and audience.
  • For charitable events we can always arrange something if enough members support the initiative. Just talk to us!

Organizing a private event

Whether you need a space for a birthday party for your kids, for your annual HOA meeting (homeowner association), your neighborhood committee or your organization, consider using the Citizen Corner !

Meetup Room

Great Hall



Full day





Half day










Pro tip: If you don’t have the budget to rent the space, ask your participants to contribute €2.

Discounts possible for active contributors to the Citizen Corner.

Renting the space for your activity

If you need a fixed space for your activity, you can also rent a space in the Citizen Corner for €10/m2 per month

Storage space

If you need to temporarily store something as an individual or are looking for a space for your professional merchandise or other, the citizen corner could be an interesting option.

€4/m3 per month (note: our current contract is until July 2022)

How to reserve the space?

  1. Tell us about your activity
    The best way is to join our Discord and ask in the #proposals channel.

Alternatively, you can send an email to citizencornerbxl@gmail.com 

  1. Check our Available Rooms & Spaces
  2. Check availabilities in our Google Calendar

Become a member

As an organiser, you will be given keys to enter the building. As there's a responsibility with this, we therefore prefer to give keys only to active members. As a member, you will receive the newsletter and get the opportunity to RSVP first to the various events happening at the Citizen Corner. Event organizers are also encouraged to give a discount to members.

You can subscribe to a membership for €5/month or €10/month for the family. You have to be a member or have at least one member that is willing to sponsor you and take the responsibility to be able to reserve the space.

Become a benefactor/sponsor

Become a member of the Citizen Corner DAO

DAOs (Distributed Autonomous Organizations) are a new way to create cooperatives on the blockchain. We invite you to experience this future of organizations with us. That’s why we are creating a DAO for the Citizen Corner.

We are issuing 1000 tokens on the Polygon blockchain to represent those shares.