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ENG: The Citizen Corner is looking for volunteers! Would you like to help us out from time to time?

👉🏼 Fill in the form https://forms.gle/WKxrG35HyhYbzYjf8

FR: Le Citizen Corner est à la recherche de bénévoles ! Aimeriez-vous venir donner un coup de main de temps en temps ?

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NL: De Citizen Corner zoekt vrijwilligers! Heb je zin om af en toe te komen helpen? Vul dit formulier in

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You can also join our Volunteers WhatsApp Group. We can often use an extra pair of hands. It’s a great way to get to know people in the neighborhood and to earn Citizen Coins that you can use to spend in the Citizen Corner.

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€5/month for individuals, €10/month for families

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Please join this Discord server if you want to organise a project or contribute to the Citizen Corner. This is the place to ask questions to the community, make proposals for organizing new activities, etc.

(Not familiar with Discord? Discord is a community conversation tool that will help us organise and communicate. It works on a computer and on a smartphone. It is ideal for people who do not have a smartphone and don’t use Whatsapp (or Signal etc.) and are also not on Facebook. You can download the app here https://discord.com

You can make a donation to our collective, any amount helps! opencollective.com/citizencorner/donate…

Become a benefactor/sponsor

Benefactors are citizens or organizations that donate a larger amount of money to support the project. As a benefactor you will be listed as a member of honor on our website and in the Citizen Corner. You will also receive a special NFT of the Citizen Corner.


Looking for other ways to contribute? Check out this list of things we need to do, find, buy, etc.

Stuff we need

Can you get some? Best is to find second hand. You can file the expense to the collective https://opencollective.com/citizencorner and you will be reimbursed as soon as we can. Thank you for contributing!

  • Chaises qu’on peut facilement empiler (easily stackable chairs)
  • Little cupboard for kitchen
  • Esprit de sel (acide chlorhydrique pour nettoyer les WC)
  • Rallonge multiprise (x2)
  • très grande échelle (pour ouvrir les fenêtres)
  • Seaux
  • Brosses
  • Serpillière
  • Serviettes
  • Extra extincteurs
  • Trouver des séparateurs de pièces pour pouvoir créer des plus petits espaces.
  • Trouver une machine à café et une bouilloire
  • Tasses et assiettes, verres, ustensiles de cuisine généraux pour l'étage.
  • Raccordement du feu électrique que nous avons reçu + aménagement de base de la cuisine
  • Vérifier le chauffage
  • Vérifier l'électricité

Helping hands / Volunteer needs

  • Weekly cleaning needs
  • Bathroom
  • Floors
  • Preparation of yin yoga space - Monday 7.30pm -> Contact Tracey
  • One-time activities
  • Cleanup of the cellar
  • Preparation of the kitchen
  • Driver- sometimes there's a need to transport materials. Do you have a car and would be happy to help us?
  • Fund-raisers - Get in touch with potential benefactors, such as local businesses and shops or other
  • Become a promoter - spread the word, tell your neighbours, your friends and others. The more people that participate, the more the Citizen Corner comes alive and the more new connections are formed.


Thank you to all the people who have already contributed! 🙏

This space couldn’t exist without you!


  • Pascale Soudey (chairs)
  • Henry (chairs pick up)
  • Tracey (bar refill, organising CriticalMass)
  • Xavier (bar refill)
  • Leen
  • Mohammed & Youssef (tea and coffee masters)
  • Esther (organising)
  • Itzel (communication master)
  • Lisanne (logo)
  • Julien (cleaning, fixing, tool master)


  • Esther (brought furniture)
  • Nelle (prepare the yoga room 🧘‍♀️)
  • Tracey (prepare the yoga room 🧘‍♀️)
  • Julien et Marc (reparation water pipes, installation key box)
  • Julien (putting in place the doorbell and smart keybox)
  • Henry
  • Leen
  • Matthieu (sorted the chairs)
  • Mohammed & Yousef (cleaning the kitchen, bathroom)
  • Sylvia & Mohammed (prepare coworking space)
  • Stef, Jacques, Philippe (heating 🔥)
  • Xavier (bought some extinguishers, doorbell, keybox, helped with the Internet, with the furniture with Esther)


  • Leen
  • Lisanne (pick up furniture)
  • Marc (clean roof, fix water leaks in kitchen)
  • Luisa (clean coworking)
  • Sylvia (fix up the roof in the coworking, clean floor, windows)
  • Xavier (clean roof, windows and kitchen)


  • Julien (football games)


  • Bernard Pladet (🙏🏽 om de brandverzekering na te lezen!)
  • Antoine Martinot (🍞 the best bread Soleil Bakery Schaarbeek)
  • Cécile
  • Colette (🙏🏽 pour aider à nettoyer!!)
  • Sylvia (nettoyage)
  • Julien Gordenne
  • Pjotr
  • Henry
  • Hiro, Miku, Sachiyo (🍜 Nuu Miso)
  • Kathleen Van Hove
  • Leen Schelfhout (core contributor)
  • Marc De Spiegeleer
  • Pascale Soudey
  • Xavier Damman (core contributor)