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Newsletter February 2023

Version française: prochains événement au Citizen Corner

Hello fellow citizen 👋

In this newsletter, you’ll find all the latest information about our common, the Citizen Corner. Discover the upcoming events and all the amazing citizens in the neighbourhood who give life to the space and to whom we are all very grateful for 🙏

Upcoming events

Wednesday March 1st: Crypto Wednesday 🔐

Every first Wednesday of the month, 7pm, don’t miss “Crypto Wednesday”, the monthly event of the crypto community of Brussels to help citizens discover this new Internet of Cooperatives. Open to all levels. Great way to learn about those new technologies that move power away from old centralised institutions & enable citizens to create new more decentralised ones.

Next ones: Wednesday February 1st

Fb event: facebook.com/events/1309615056498504/… 

Meetup: meetup.com/daobrussels/events/…

Monday 6th to Thursday 16th : immersive exhibition ⚖️

EXPOSITION "The International Tribunal on Crimes against Women: a retrospective"

Exhibition never seen before in Brussels! Immerse yourself in an immersive exhibition, where you will walk through a reconstructed court.

🔎 You will discover the presentation of numerous photographs and documents never before revealed to the public. Thanks to a scenography conceived to understand the context and the stakes that led to the creation of the International Tribunal, you will discover the testimonies of those who participated and the other side of the organisation. Through the use of excerpts from newspaper articles of the time, you will be able to get an idea of the media impact and the repercussions of the event.

👉 Vernissage: Monday, March 6, 2023 at 5:30 p.m., in the presence of several women who participated in the 1976 Tribunal!

Friday March 17th: St Patrick’s Day ☘️

Join us on the evening of March 17 for St Patrick's day celebrations with live traditional music and folk dancing.

Ceili (Irish) / Ceilidh (Scottish) is folk dancing done in groups. You can join even if it's your first time. There is a 'Caller' who teaches the simple steps & tells you where to go throughout each dance.

Ticket pre-sale: €10 (€15 from March 1) - buy tickets

Check out the music of our band on https://www.thehoggies.be 

Check out this link for a taste of a ceilidh:


Friday 26th & Saturday 27th of May: Regens Unite Brussels 🔅

Last year we gathered climate activists, active citizens, members of cooperatives, people working in CSR or healing and tech people working in web3/DAOs/crypto. The goal? Meet and unite in a safe and brave space. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: “System Change, not Climate Change” and we can all learn something from each other.

Since then, the movement grew quite a bit, and the “Regens” (people working on a regenerative future) united in Berlin, Amsterdam and even Bogota (more info on https://regensunite.earth).

The second Brussels edition will take place this year on the 26th and 27th of May at the Citizen Corner. To ensure a balance of gender, generations and perspectives, we ask people to apply on our website: https://brussels.regensunite.earth (don’t hesitate to offer activities or workshops)

Get financial support for your activity at the Citizen Corner

The commune of Schaerbeek offers grants up to €4500 for citizen initiatives for climate and sustainable development. Why not take the opportunity to start an activity at the Citizen Corner? Deadline to send your project is the first of March.

More info: 1030.be/fr/content/primes-aux-initiativ… 

Wanted 🔍

  • Citizens to start a regular ping pong event (and/or a competition) 🏓
  • Citizens to restart the Citizen Café to have a regular event every week where the Citizen Corner is open to all ☕
  • Citizens to join the different working groups of the Citizen Corner (newsletter, onboarding, social media, …)

Gratitudes  🙏

Thank you to everyone who makes our common better:

  • Milène for contributing to this newsletter
  • Raphaël for replacing the broken lockbox 🔐 and fixing the garage door
  • Kathleen and Marc for having managed the situation when the garage door wouldn’t close anymore 😬
  • Philippe for opening the door to Emmanuel for his birthday party 🎂
  • Milène and Eléonore for joining the core group 🤗
  • Tracey, Marc, Milène, François, Adrien, Michel and Xavier for cleaning the Citizen Corner after the Critical Mass

And thank you to the entire team behind the Citizen Corner ! 👏


Quote of the month

Where to find us?

The Citizen Corner is next to Bienfaiteurs, in Schaerbeek.

Don’t forget to join our community on WhatsApp. You are very much invited to make this space yours and organise events for the community. More info on https://citizencorner.brussels/organize 

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