A place for citizens to meet, share, learn and co-create.


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The temporary occupation is now over.

No more events can be organised.

Organising an event at the Citizen Corner

Thank you for your interest in organising an event or an activity at the Citizen Corner.

The Citizen Corner is a common that we manage together to enable citizens to meet, share, learn and co-create.

As such, priority will be given to events that offer opportunities for neighbours to join, meet and participate.

Private parties are possible as long as there is no other event for the community at that moment and that the music is out after 10pm (it’s a residential area and we don’t want to be a nuisance for the neighbours). Exceptions are possible but only for events where neighbours are invited (and max once a month).

While we are not for profit, there are costs such as insurances, utilities, Internet, etc that need to be covered. If we can, we would also love to pay a bit of rent to the owner. In the interest to keep everything transparent, we have opened an open collective where everyone can transparently see the money streams and can contribute to our transparent budget or ask for funds: https://opencollective.com/citizencorner

Organising an activity for the community

Thank you for considering starting an activity for the community at the Citizen Corner. We all have a vested interest in you being successful and financially sustainable. Just talk to us!

Conditions & rules / Règlement

Suggested price list

While prices can always be discussed with the community, this is the suggested price list to be able to cover our costs (note: we had to raise our prices as our newest estimates for energy bills went from €220/month to €750/month !!!)

Meetup Room

Great Hall



Great for meetings, presentations, facilitation

Great for parties (bar included), concerts, rollers, trampoline

More cosy. Great for cooking, yoga, meditation

Great for small concerts, visibility, air.

Natural light (windows)







Max occupancy





Full day
(more than 4 hours)





Half day
(4 hours or less)







PA system


🔊 🎤🎤  Loudspeaker with 2 microphones. Works on battery or plugged in. Bluetooth adapter.



Epson EB-2250U 5000 ANSI Lumens


Hot air cannon

30kw, gas included


Discounts possible for active contributors to the Citizen Corner.

Renting the space for your activity

If you need a fixed space for your activity, you can also rent a space in the Citizen Corner for €10/m2 per month

Storage space

If you need to temporarily store something as an individual or are looking for a space for your professional merchandise or other, the citizen corner could be an interesting option.

€4/m3 per month (note: our current contract is until December 2022)

How to reserve the space?

  1. Check availabilities in our Google Calendar
  2. Check our Available Rooms & Spaces
  3. Fill out the booking form

Conditions & rules / Règlement

Become a cooperator

We invite everyone to become a cooperator of the Citizen Corner. All cooperators do at least one 3h shift per month, including a one hour coordination meeting. It’s a great way to make new friends in the neighbourhood and participate to give life to the place.

Support the Citizen Corner

Our ability to welcome interesting projects that don’t always have the financial resources to pay the rent depends on our funding.

If you can afford it, please support the Citizen Corner